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Clinique Lash Power Mascara - Product Review

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Also in my everyday beauty arsenal is Clinique Lash Power mascara in Black Onyx.  I use this most often on my lower lashes.  I pair this with  my Buxom Lash Mascara on the top lashes.

The Lash Power wand is quite a skinny little wand so its great at grabbing the lower lashes without pushing it to smudge against your lower lid when you are applying.    Clinique actually has another mascara used purely for lower lashes but Lash Power is better bang for buck...  eg 0.21oz 6mL $19 Lash Power vs Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara $12 for 0.07 oz.

It is very water and smudge resistant and excels at lengthening and defining lashes with hardly a clump.   Ok..only for the bottom lashes for the non-clump part just because mine are sparse on the lower lashes and shorter so the short " teeth " of the  mascara wand is able to comb through well.  It does not however give volume though.  If you're already well endowed with beautiful thick lashes then it is amazing at making them look naturally long giving you pretty lush lashes.  It was my uni friend Nikki that introduced me to it , she's Asian and had amazing lashes all the time and most of the time I could not spot the tell tale mascara signs.  When she told me she actually does use mascara I had to try it!...Only to find that the volume actually was naturally of her own making...in my experience:you may need some patience and effort to ensure it is clump free but the length was definitely there!

I usually whack on about 1-2 coats of it and I love how cute and open it makes my eyes look teehee.  Make sure on the lower lashes you brush downwards to get the maximum effect of length when it sets, vice versa for upper lashes.
clinique lash power
slim tube packaging

Top to bottom: Top - naked lashes; Bottom:Clinique  Lash Power coated bottom lashes (Buxom Lash coats top lashes), one coat on all lower lashes then a light second coat on the outer corner lashes to give a wide eyed look  but avoiding the "spidery lash" look.

closeup of lower lashes (no mascara up top)

I enjoy using non waterproof mascara on a daily basis . It means I can just use my usual face wash - Philosophy Made Simple, without specifically employing a separate step with makeup removers and sometimes more vigorous maneuvres around your eyes to remove thoroughly your makeup.  That and the waterproof formula by nature does mean it is quite drying and is not good for the condition of your lashes to be subject to that daily.


Rating 3.75/5

The Good
-Water Resistant but easy to wash off with warm water and face wash
-clump free
-great little wand for bottom lashes
-sleek enough to slip into your purse
-gives lashes length
-great for sensitive eyes

The Bad
-not as efficient/fast at coating  the top lashes due to little bristles and wand
-it's not cheap for a little tube like that!
-doesn't give volume
-little wand not so good for separating top lashes from clumps etc

Your turn:
Does anyone else you 2 different mascaras for their lashes?? or am i the only weird pedantic person??

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