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Glowing Peachy Purple Romantic Valentine Look

Hello Lovelees!

The Universally Flattering Eyeshadow Colour

If you want to experiment with your eyeshadow colours and stray away from your beiges, browns, greys and blacks - find a purple shade.  It's also universally flattering, no matter skin tone or eye colour.  As long as you pick a real purple, where it's not leaning too fuscia or blue - then you'll be safe.

Depth or darkness of the purple may be up for debate in terms of what the occasion is and where you intend to place the colour on your eyelids- as a base or overall colour, or as a contour.   A mid tone one would obviously be the most versatile in terms of being dark enough to be a subtle contour and build up intensity if needed, light enough without looking like you are doing a heavy smokey eye if you use it as an all over base colour. That being said, you can always overlay the purple over a white or very light coloured base to take away some of the darkness, or add a bit of your darker browns or blacks to add some depth in contouring.

A rule of makeup is you can always add colour but hard to subtract once you've got it on.  So I would err on a lighter purple colour if you were only choosing one accent single shadow and not purchasing a larger palette.

The Valentine's Day Look

Anyhow I've come up with a universally flattering look for Valentine's Day for you ladies that want to add some gentle romantic colour accents instead of going for a nude/neutral everyday look. So yes, it's going to involve peach and purple eyeshadows, soft pink cheeks, dewy foundation with added highlights for glowing healthy looking skin, brown eyeliner for a soft but defined effect, peachy nude gloss lips with subtle shimmer.

The aim of the look is to look effortlessly beautiful and glowing,  suitable for a day or evening date.  So no heavy smokey eyes, or intense false eyelashes or lips that require a lot of touching up - the last thing you want is to look overdone, worry about black furry caterpillars drooping over your eyes if your falsies are coming undone, and land a red lipstick mark over your man after a kiss and then worrying about finding a mirror to touch up your faded pout.  We are finding ways to minimizing powder room touchup trip interruptions to your date!

The above being said,  of course you can add natural looking falsies if you are confident in your glue work (bring your glue with you in case you need to do some fixes!)

What to wear with it ?

With this look I would match it with either something neutral, or a pastel soft colour palette - nothing too bold or geometric in pattern.

I've got some learning to do about editing but the purple is quite vibrant in real life but washed out in my photo :(

Tutorial video:

Products used (I'm going to explain the base part in the video for the face in case it seems a bit tricky to understand):

Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Shade #5 and #6 (I was about MAC NC20-25 in my winter skin)
Neutrogena SPF 15 Oil free Moisturiser (or any other face moisturiser if you're not going outside)
Skin 79 Super Plus Hot Pink BB cream.

Small blob of each separately first, then lightly dab with a brush in all of them and mix together in another area, so that you still have some of the original product left.  If you need to add more and adjust the colour in your mixture to match your skin better, it's easier.

Test the colour of your mixture on the side of your chin, ideally it should disappear into your skin if it is a good match.  If it's a TEENSY bit lighter than your natural skin it is ok, you can use these as a highlighting technique.  Just make sure you are light handed when you dab it in blobs on the high points of your face e.g. forehead, nose, cheekbones to highlight, and then blend and thin outwards where the side of your face is usually shadowed anyway- BLEND WELL (including down to your neck). When you apply any product to your face - remember

blob & BLEND (small letters on the "blob" because: make them little blobs not big globs so that you don't over apply product - you can always add more later but it's hard to subtract ; BLEND in capital letters because this is the most vital bit to make sure your makeup is natural and seamless)

No primer needed because Face Atelier Foundation and the Skin 79 BB cream both require no primer to start.

Benefit High Beam
Pink (mix of medium rosy and mauve-pink) coloured blush from a no name palette.
Tarte Smooth Operator Translucent Powder

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Sephora Brunette Eyes 08 Palette
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil -Milk
NYX Glide On Pencil - Brown Perfection
Wet N Wild Icon Eye Pencil - Taupe (brows)
Maybelline Full n Soft Waterproof mascara on curled lashes.

Sephora Eyeshadow palette Brunette Eyes 08- despite the lighting effect the colours are actually clockwise from top left: lilac, peach (Retro Powderpuff #63), mid tone purple (Caroline's Pride #33), Dark grey brown, mid tone taupe  (Marie #14)

Performance Colors Lip - Posh
NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss - #159

Try it and have fun! Happy Valentine's Day in advance!

Questions, Comments welcome :)

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