Thursday, 9 January 2014

DIY Pyramid Purse

Hey Lovelees!

The idea for this fuzzy pyramid first began when I saw this pyramid bag from Love Aesthetics. I followed her tutorial, but decided to add a zipper to make it a purse/clutch to make this structural and architectural piece more functional. And then I saw shaggy felt from Michaels (meaning: no hemming!) and I got working right away. It's surprisingly easy, so give it a shot!


- felt
- zipper
- chain (I used an old necklace)
- hole punch
- large jump ring
- scissors
- needle and thread / sewing machine

- optional: eyelet setter


1. Cut out a rectangle from the felt, about 42 cm x 20 cm.

2. Sew the 2 shorter ends together, with the right sides facing each other. This will create a tube.

3. Turn the tube right sides out. Pin the zipper on of the open sides of the tube. The end of the zipper should be at the seam you just made in the previous step.

4. Sew the zipper to the felt. I would suggest hand stitching to avoid having to awkwardly position it with a machine.

5. Turn the bag inside out again. Sew the other end of the tube closed, but make sure to put the seam from Step 2 in the center. This will create the 3D pyramid.

6. Punch a hole at the end of the zipper. You can add an eyelet at this point if you want! Either way, thread an open jump ring through the hole, attach the two ends of the chain, and then close the ring.

And there ya go! A cool, architectural clutch that no one else at the party will have!

Thanks for reading!!




  1. Could not follow this at all. Could you add some photos of the intermediate steps? Thanks.

  2. So lovely. Gonna try this DIY purse making tutorial out. Thanks for sharing.