Friday, 19 July 2013

Smoke it up - *gasp* even in the daytime! For EYES ONLY

Hello Lovelees!
Long time no see!
Rachelle's gonna have amazing stories to tell when she's back from New York from her internship, but she has had to put her projects on hold since her tools etc are all here in Edmonton haha.
Meanwhile I've been really busy with work, relocating and organising cos our office has just moved to be bigger and better yay!

Anyways suddenly I had an itch to do a tutorial one day (it does help that a few people have been asking why I've been MIA...) because I came up with a smokey daytime look that I really like!!

Usually I am the lazy variety with just BBcream, eyeliner , mascara and blush. Eyeshadow is an optional and can be time consuming thing - just cos with my Asian hooded eyes - there's a lot of finesse  and "special effects" needed to make it extra dimensional and flattering, than our usually flat faces, features and eyes. When you do it right though - it would look amazing, you would feel amazing and this case I felt sophisticated haha.

I chose slate today because it's dark enough to not be black, it almost gives a grey smokey look without actually being grey but that it's bluish to add some interest and keep it looking casual but mature.

Here's the tutorial - Enjoy!:

Products used:

Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer
Neutrogena Nourishing Eyeliner in Twilight Blue
Lorac Pro Palette  -eyeshadow- Slate
MAC eyeshadow- Soft Brown
Loreal Lineur Intense - Black Mica
Sephora Pantone Universe Foiled waterproof eyeliner in Rose Gold and Silver

I am crazy with mascaras - I now use 3 concurrently:
Upper lashes: Buxom Lash mascara for the volume and length with nourishing ingredients as a base, then waterproof Maybelline Full n Soft mascara to add even more volume set my curl and make more water/smudge resistant
Lower Lashes - Clinique Lash Power mascara.

The key to keeping it as a daytime look is that you don't lay the colour too far up your eyelid, the blue should end just below the crease and then your transition blending colour goes right into the crease (socket) and not much further past.  I also put the light foiled eyeliner under the lower lash line to lighten up the look and create a bright innocent eye.  Try to keep your eyebrows relatively full but not too densely filled.

If you were to transform it to evening look then you would basically extend the colours further out past your lids, rim your waterlines with black kohl pencil, add some falsies and replace the light coloured pencil under the lower lash line with a dark drop shadow instead.  For the rest of your face you should also contour more, fill your eyebrows darker and more arched with highlights.

Pair those eyes with a light peachy cheek and nude lips so that the focus are on your eyes.  I think this look is appropriate for work especially if you often wear some power suits or any winter appropriate outfit.   It's definitely a more mature look. If you had a bright cheery summer outfit then this is probably not the "cutest" look to go for haha.  Depending on your smile - you can technically still try to pull the cute look off! haha eg:

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