Thursday, 2 May 2013

DIY Striped Purse

Hey Lovelees!

I have been obsessed with black and white stripes lately. It's an interesting pattern that's simple and intricate at the same time. I'm pretty sure it's my easiest tutorial yet, but it still looks so sophisticated. Go ahead, try it out!


- black structured purse/clutch
- white leather/faux leather
- printed pattern of stripes (I just searched 'stripes' on Google images)

- e6000 glue
- scissors and/or Xacto knife
- marker or pen


1. Measure the length and width of your purse. Then use these measurements to draw a rectangle onto your printed sheet of stripes. Cut out.

2. Draw a border of about 0.5 cm inside the rectangle. Then, using the Xacto knife or your scissors, cut out either the black or the white set of stripes. Do not cut through the border!

3. Place this stencil onto the back of the leather. Trace it onto the leather, then cut out. I put my piece on a black background so it's easier to see!

4. Carefully glue leather piece onto the purse (I did it one stripe at a time). Let dry.

And your beautiful striped purse is finito! I only did one side, but feel free to repeat Steps 3 and 4. You can wear it with bright, solid colors or a simple pattern, like polka dots.