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Sephora + Pantone Universe Foiled Waterproof Eyeliner Set - Product Review

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According to Sephora, this set of 6 waterproof metallic eyeliner pencils are inspired by Pantone's 2013 Plus Series Metallic Book.  Pantone is the global color authority that helped to standardize colours and their communication codes across industries, from developer to the consumer level.

Each pencil is a mini one at 0.03oz in silver, charcoal, purple, gold, rose gold, chocolate brown. 
My favourite combo out of the lot is probably gold and chocolate brown worn together.

Gold and brown eyeliner-turned-cream eyeshadow look.  Pair it with peachy lip to match the golden bronze eyes and a beige or peach (warm) lips and gloss- yeah!

will upload a vid tutorial later!
This look is handy for summer because of its golden bronze look.  Pair it with a darker warm lip (Eg dark beiges and browns, maybe even red if you balance intensity well) and it's perfect for evening or defying the dreary pale winters.  

This look is really easy to do because the eyeshadow colours itself does not require any makeup brushes, just fingers to do the blending.   Therefore cleaning up is as easy as washing your hands! Especially on holidays, it takes away my need to bring along extra brushes, brush cleaner, brittle powdery and sometimes messy powder eyeshadows if you happen to drop them. 


Top: natural light; Bottom: flash. From left to right: Charcoal, silver, purple, brown, gold, rose gold.

 As you can see each pencil is quite pigmented.  It takes about 2.5minutes to 3 mins to set where line wont smudge  to set and form relatively smudge proof line.  Under water with gentle rubbing for about 10s it is quite resistant to budging but other pencils have faired better in this regard eg Too Faced Perfect Eyes and NYX Slide on, Urban Decay 24/7  Glide on .  The line is not smudging, but the colour does fade.
Top: I was testing and comparing setting time against 2 other eye pencils - NYX slide on in brown and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on in Yeyo.  You can see there was already some smudging and can compare to the Bottom photo as the after result with water.  Bottom: result after rubbing the Top photo's lines under water for 10s with moderate pressure.

The texture of the pencil itself is creamy and easy to glide on.  The longer setting time does mean that you have a bit more time to smudge, style , blend and build on the colour in case you choose to use it as an eyeshadow base as I have done in my video (stay tuned). If you use an eyeshadow primer under it I find just smudging out the eyeliners to become a stand alone eyeshadow colour will keep relatively crease free without needing to use powder to set it.   The long setting time does mean it is quite difficult to draw AND KEEP a precise line.  So therefore I prefer using it more as an eyeshadow base.

I like gold the best especially because I have a warm undertone to my skin and when you blend out the colour it has some fine but distinct glitter particles that give a sheer warmth and a delicate twinkle to my skin. 

Next is silver as my favourite because it can also add more light to your eyes adding some highlight on the inner corner. 

Purple is a good dark colour to add more interest /instead of a simple black eyeline.

Rose gold is too light a colour to my skin so doesn't really show up on my skin.  It'd be a good nude but shiny  kind of base to your eyeshadow if you wanted to.  On the fairer skinned ladies out there, I can imagine this being a nice highlight colour too :)


Rating: 3.5/5

The Good:

-Good value at C$36 for 6 colours
-Line does not smudge with water after it sets
-easily portable
-handy use as an cream eyeshadow colour or eyeshadow base

The Bad:
-Takes forever to set
-the line does fade with water despite not smearing

What are your favourite eyeliner pencil colours other than the usual black, silver or brown?  What's a fun colour to try and it wearable??

Thanks for reading! Keep in touch!

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