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Buxom Lash Mascara - Product Review

Hello Lovelees!

Buxom Lash Mascara in Blackest Black (by Bare Escentuals) is part of my everyday beauty arsenal.  I use this mascara on my upper lashes.  I use Clinique Lash Power mascara on my lower lashes.

From Left to Right: 1. Front of Box; 2. Side of Box showing you the mascara wand construction; 3.Product tube itself.

The mascara formula is enriched with vitamins and antioxidants to nourish your lashes while you are faking those va-va-voom lashes that you'll be sporting when you are wearing Buxom Lash mascara.

I've had 2 friends on separate occasions that think me adding "natural looking" false lashes seem to make no very noticeable difference than me just wearing this mascara , to be worth the effort of sticking on the falsies.  (Of course if I opted for the more dramatic falsies then we can't really compete with the falsies!)  This mascara adds both length and volume.

Why do I only put it on my upper lashes?  Because I do a good imitation of a cute giant panda (fav animal btw) after a couple of hours, if I do my bottom lashes with it.  My eyelids are too oily. You can try your luck... On the enclosed information slip in box it says 96% of women agreed it did not clump or smudge.  The key for the non clumping is in the formulation and the below described wand...

Important factor in the art of making a good mascara is in  the design of the brush wand.  Out of all the mascara brushes I tried, this wand is the best all-rounder.   It is a relatively large wand end for easy handling, the 'teeth' nylon/plastic and mid way in the wand there are longer bristles alternating with shorter bristles in between them densely packed together. This creates a fine serrated pattern that will catch onto all the lash hairs long or short. Towards the tip of the brush head the wand is tapered and
there are very short fine bristles that help you separate, fine comb and coat the hairs or rid your clumps.  The tapered wand helps you fit it into the smaller inner corner space for the smaller fine lashes, the denser bristles help separate or take out the clumps.

Sometimes I even like to hold the wand perpendicular to my eyelids (point the wand into my eye) to do a better job separating my lashes with the dense short bristles.  You can also use this technique on the outer corners to layer more mascara on the outer lashes to add some extra flirty flutter to your lashes.

This version of the mascara is not waterproof.  There is a new one out now that is waterproof though - I haven't tried it yet.  I like it that way because it means it will not dry my lashes out with daily use.  When it is not waterproof however, it will be harder to keep the curl in your lashes after using a curler.  Instead, I tend to like pushing up my lashes by resting them and pushing up against the length of my extended index finger for about 10-15s  (for mascara to dry) to simulate a curl.  I will upload a video next week to show you what I mean haha.  Curlers can tug or damage and weaken your lashes with too much curling and crimping.  Helps initially to brush upwards rather than out away from your eye only.

I don't like to make a habit of wearing falsies because inevitably I feel like a few lash hairs (especially the baby peripheral ones) seem to get sacrificed on removal of the lash glue.  If you wear it too often then yeh, for sure you will start relying on the falsies too much for the volume because you took out too many of your own hairs!! 7-8weeks to grow back!

Waterproof formulas also require too much effort to try remove on daily basis because usually it involves a lot more time, product, possibly tugging and rubbing around the delicate skin and eye area.

I usually only do one coat of mascara.  But on the box Buxom claims you can amp up your volume by up to 300%.  I don't know if it's true exactly but on evenings or days I want to extra impress I will coat 2 or 3 layers to add more length and volume.  I find more than that it starts inevitably adding clumps.  Make sure when you add the coats that you have let the coats underneath dry at least some first. 
Right Eye with Buxom on top lashes, Left eye lashes with nothing.

Both photos with Buxom mascara on top lashes only:Top photo is 1 coat only, Bottom photo with 2 coats.

Buxom Lash mascara 3 coats both eyes (top lashes only).

Fast facts:

The Good
-Adds volume and length.
-Versatile brush
-Clump free
-Paraben free
-nutritious for your lashes

The Bad
-can smudge if on lower lashes.
-Buy from Sephora. (not readily accessible)

The In-Between
-Not waterproof (personally I think it's good for daily use!)
-Mid Range price


Now your turn:
Which is your favourite mascara?  and almost as importantly,  to complement this mascara what kind of lashes and/or eyelid type do you have?  Eg I have oily hooded but double lids with medium length, straight lashes naturally.

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