Thursday, 28 February 2013

DIY Zipper Pants

Hello my lovelees!

We all have an old pair of pants that are in need of a little extra TLC. Just add some zippers and you've got a new, edgy addition to your wardrobe. I used a geometric pattern to create the illusion of panels, and it turned out looking pretty darn cool. So go on, shop your closet and try this out!


- a pair of pants or jeans
- 2 5-inch zippers
- 2 7-inch zippers
- 2 8-inch zippers

- needle and thread/sewing machine
- scissors
- ruler
- marker
- pins


1. Use a seam ripper to remove 5 inches from the inside seams of one leg.

2. Pin one 5-inch zipper to this opening

3. Measure a 7 inch straight diagonal line from the inside seam to the outer seam. Make sure that this line continues from the top of the zipper in Step 2.

3. Mark this line and cut out.

4. Pin one 7-inch zipper to this diagonal opening.

5. About 5 inches above this line, measure and mark another diagonal line that is 8 inches. The two diagonal lines should be parallel to each other. Cut out.

6. Pin one 8-inch zipper to this opening.

7. Repeat Steps 1-7 on the other pants leg.

8. Sew on the zippers carefully. It's easier to sew them one while the zipper is open. I also suggest occasionally closing and opening the zippers while you're sewing to make sure you didn't accidentally sew too close to the metal teeth.

And there you have it: an old pair of pants that now feel new and trendy!

Happy DIYing!

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  1. I got your message on Tumblr to come check out your site. Love these pants and posted them on my blog. They are now featured on the Tumblr DIY tag :)