Thursday, 14 March 2013

DIY Wood Grain Print

Why hello there Lovelees!

Printed pants are all the rage right now, from sweet polka dots to insane snake skin. I thought of a print of my own to put on a pair of jeans: wood grain! It's an interesting pattern that isn't too overwhelming, especially with the color combo I used. So go ahead and try out this unique and easy-peasy print!


- a pair of jeans/pants
- fabric paint
- wood grain stamp (I got mine from Michaels)

- paint brush


1. Lay out your jeans on a large, flat surface.

2. Squeeze dollop of paint on a paper plate or scrap paper. Brush the paint onto the stamp to create a smooth and consistent layer.

3. Place the stamp on the pants and press firmly.

4. Continue stamping until the whole front side of the jeans is covered.

5. Let it dry completely, then flip the pants over and continue stamping the other side.

6. Leave it to dry overnight. Be patient!

And now you have a pair of the coolest printed pants! I think it would also be so styling to paint white wood grain onto black jeans. AND you can also use the stamp on pretty much any article of clothing. The possibilities are endless...

Love you my lovelees!

Rachelle @RachelleMLee @MakeYouLovelee

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