Thursday, 28 March 2013

DIY Grid Shirt - Western Canada Fashion Week

Hey Lovelees!

The last week has been so exciting, as I showed some of my DIY pieces during Western Canada Fashion Week! I participated in the Stylist Competition, but I also helped a student group from the University of Alberta called ECO-Style. ECO-Style's show consisted of DIY'ed clothes created by the whole group. I decided to have a tutorial for one of the pieces I did for the show: the grid shirt. Click here to see it on the runway!

It's mod but in a delicate way, and it's super easy!


- white/cream blouse or shirt
- black fine permanent fabric marker
- ruler

- black beads
- needle and thread


1. Lay your blouse out on a flat surface. Put some scrap paper inside, so that the marker doesn't bleed onto the other side of the shirt.

2. Lay your ruler on the shirt, and use the marker to draw horizontal lines across the shirt. I left about 3 inches between each line. Drawing the lines may be tricky, but just take your time, and carefully make short strokes along the ruler.

3. Draw vertical lines across the horizontal ones, with 3 inches between each line again. Don't worry about making perfect 90 degree angles, it looks better if it's imperfect!

Optional step: Once the marker has dried, sew a bead onto each intersection of the grid.

And now you have a classic white shirt with a mod twist. This patterned shirt seriously goes with everything!

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*updated by Connie Apr 8 2013*
look what I found at Zara in Hong Kong after I saw the post from Rachelle!!

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