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Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner - Product Review

Hello Lovelees!

This is my first blog post for the beauty section of this blog MakeYouLoveLee.  I'm sharing this blog with Rachelle my sister-in-law who has greater interest in DIY projects and fashion so her postings will be pretty sweet!  We aim to bring you a posting at least once a week...we shall see how we go!!

I wanted to start a blog for us because we get up to a lot of ( interesting ) no-good's and want to share our little insights into what we learn or discover so that like-minded, interested people can share our great, and maybe even not-so-great discoveries haha.

So it's kind of nerve wrecking to think of what my first inaugural post should be, to try set a good trend for the direction I want my blog to go...

So i about we start with some basics and talk about a staple diet of any lady's makeup bag?? your BLACK EYELINER.

One of my favourite products when it comes to doing trendy makeup looks is the Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner.

Pretty Too Faced-baby pink packaging for the Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner.  Can also see the double ended function with pencil one end and sponge tip the other.

I have it in black.  For me the primary purposes of its use is to tightline the upper lashline or line waterlines (ie darken the inside rim of the lash line  -the pink fleshy line between your lash line and your eyeball).  When you tight line your upper lashline or line your waterlines it instantly gives a very edgy trendy look to your makeup.  If you do it subtly it can be part of a "no makeup" makeup look (if you dont have dark hair you may want to consider using browns so it blends in your colouring more).

I think the Too Faced Eyeliner performs well as far as being waterproof and keeping the colour along your rims relatively intact once applied.

How fast does it set, and how waterproof is it?see below!

from Top to bottom: 1.Initially i drew 2 almost identical lines and gave the left line a rub at 30seconds after application. It smudged a bit.  The right line remains intact after it sets at 40s. 2. Then i submitted those 2 lines under a waterproof test by sticking my hand under room temperature water and rubbed them with moderate pressure for 10s.  You can see it's pretty budgeproof! 3. The sponge tip smugger end. 4.rotating it 90deg for a different profiling of the sponge tip.

It is a very creamy pencil which makes gliding along those sensitive areas very easy.  It does mean however that it can run out pretty fast /blunt out on you (especially because I like to sanitize with alcohol wipes then sharpen the pencil).  I do recommend that you sanitize your waterlining pencils due to the fluids that get onto your pencils.

The design of it is double-ended , one end is obviously the pencil part, the other end is a smudge sponge to help you soften your lines if you wish.  Due to its creaminess i believe you need to take care to set promptly the eyeline you have just drawn on the actual eyelid skin with eyeshadow before it smears and transfers especially on monolids or hooded lids.  It does set relatively fast though, actually in 40 seconds(if you dont blink or mess with it!) So if you can avoid blinking or opening your eyes and smudging the liner against your hooded/folded lid then its ok to get away without needing to set with eyeshadow. I say sponge but it's actually not as visibly porous as what you would think a "sponge" is , but more like a rubber textured (therefore firm but flexible).   See the picture above, the sponge is pointed at the tip but flat edge/beveled on the side to allow versatility whether you be pulling more precisely on the colour with the pointed tip ,  or smudging out over a larger area with the flat edge.

I do observe if you have bigger eyes - tightlining creates beautiful definition of the shape of your eyes - adds intensity and attention to them.  For people with smaller eyes, having heavy solid black rimmed eyes can close your eyes up more (though it does intensify your look).  Doing it for an everyday look may look quite harsh and sometimes angry... If your eyes are smaller/less round, you can definitely still define your eyes by rimming it with black, however you may want to gently smoke out the edges so that it creates a shadow or illusion of rounder eyes on the upper lid rather than a harsh defined rim that people concentrate exactly on the edge of where you rimmed your eye and stopped.

There are things you need to be careful of :
-obviously don't poke your eye out - draw with a light hand

-be careful if you are a contact lens wearer as sometimes excess can smudge and transfer onto contact lenses and annoy your vision to say the least, it also ruins the quality of your lenses and even irritate the tissue on the back of your eyelids everytime you blink over the dirty lenses...

-it is actually not healthy for your eyes to tightline your waterlines .  This is because along the pink rims are actually your meibomian (oil) glands that help in regulating the balance of your tear film.  You need these oil glands to function and flow freely as the oil layer in your tear film helps to protect the water component of your tear film from evaporating too rapidly .  Infection of these glands will cause dry eyes, create styes (I like to liken that to having a pimple on your lashline and is unsightly), or chalazions which is a bump under your eyelid that is also unsightly and most cases require surgery to remove!

However, if you are just doing it here and there and ensure you remove your makeup THOROUGHLY then in most cases should be safe to do so.  There are some people though, that are unfortunately more prone to meibomian gland dysfunctions and usually these are more mature aged people and the fair haired people...It is not a blanket rule - just a common observation when I work as an optometrist.   Just saying if you have had styes before or know you are prone to dry eye problems I would probably skip tightlining where possible to be safe...


The Good:
-intense black line
-sets fast to be smudge proof
-handy smudge sponge that can be cleaned easily

The Bad:
-so creamy that it blunts out real fast!

The Maybe:
-priced around the $20 mark it's not drugstore cheap at least..

a high 4.5/5 ...can i say 4.8??

which eyeliners pencils do you like? do they tightline or line your waterline well? does it need any powder to set?

Keep in touch! Thanks for reading!

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